Always there, forever switched on

Let us set the scene for you. You have just switched on your brand-new LED screen and it looks incredible. The support during the purchase and installation stages was impeccable. Now, think into the future, remembering, this is technology with a 10-year life expectancy, it will of course require a degree of service and maintenance. We would like you to imagine what will give you peace of mind over these 10 years: our bet is along the lines of – convenience, rapid response, and assurance.

BSV delivers this with care. Above everything we genuinely prioritize your experience and outcome, furthermore our foundations will support you with:

  • A dedicated Service Centre for any queries and support
  • A team of technical staff who can be on-site, same day to rectify any faults your screen may have
  • A team of electrical engineers who can repair any fault within North America

Our service framework and localized repair capabilities are unique in the LED industry. The framework is designed for efficiency of fault detection and repair, something that you can count on. No matter where your screen is; from Toronto to Henderson; BSV is here for you.

The Service team records every fault and call out throughout the life of your screen and we would like to share that data with you. As an example, our statistics in the Outdoor Media sector prove a 100% success rate of tending to faults within the agreed response times.

The lifetime of your screen begins with the initial purchase, but it is maintained with an effective service framework and a crew you can trust. Talk to us about how our National Service Framework can support you.

A real point of difference that BSV provides from a service standpoint is local, Australian based service and repair. The BSV LED repair team ensures an extra level of on-going quality assurance and means we’re never at risk of running out of spare parts.

Brian Freeman Commercial Director
Assets & Property, oOh!media

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