Digital displays worthy of a photo finish

No matter your goals, BSV Digital Displays have extensive experience in bringing racecourses to life. Whether it’s showcasing live feed or maximizing ROI for your venues, BSV can keep you on the right track.


Making racing a breeze-up

BSV can manage your full video board project from initial design and concept phase. Racing venues demand high-level product quality. With years of experience in video boards, semaphore boards, parapet signage and winning post screens, we can showcase your races in high-definition clarity and precision.

Bespoke engagement

Designed by racing enthusiasts for your track, our range of digital displays are guaranteed to create an immersive experience for your patrons. From the correct digital display to bespoke structural design and software customized to your track, BSV offer a tailored solution.

“We have been working with BSV for a number of years now and one thing that stood out with the BSV team was the passion and care that translates throughout. From an operational perspective, this provides us with great confidence in the company because we know they will achieve SLA response times, go above and beyond on-site, and always meet go-live dates for install.”

Group Director
Assets & Logistics

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